What This Site is About

  • I am not a Photoshop expert, but I use it almost every day. I am still learning Photoshop, and Lightroom, and they are complex  programs. I started making notes to help me remember all the details, and thought that my Photoshop Notes might be useful to others. The more I learn, the more notes I make, so that I have just one place to come back to and refresh my memory when I want to do something. I hope that these PhotoshopNotes help you as well. - Colin Winstanley. 


  • Lightroom Classic is where I organise my files so that I can quickly find them again and where I do all my basic editing, exporting and printing. Lightroom is the Swiss Army Knife in my tool kit. It does a lot of simple things that I need to do regularly, and is very handy.
  • Photoshop is where I do the more complex bits which Lightroom is not capable of doing, especially things requiring small detail correction, masking and layers. Photoshop is like my mechanic's tool kit. There are lots of very powerful tools, but you need to know how to use each one to get the best out of it. It is also totally overwhelming to begin with. 


  • Techniques is the section in the website which lists the different techniques which can be used to create specific effects in Photoshop. 

Is Editing Cheating?