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  • Sharpening (Add link)
  • PS > Retouching > Skin Smoothing (Add link)


  • Filter > Other > High Pass on a copy of the layer on top of the stack. Change the mode to Overlay.
  • This is a sharpening technique which only sharpens detail of edges by applying a dodge and burn technique either side of an edge detail. It does not emphasise noise or grain.
  • Elia Locardi uses 1-3 pixels for sharpening on an XR-1, and or a 36MP Nikon image uses a Radius of 2, 3, 5 for light, normal and high effects.
  • High Pass Filter - Ref. This method of sharpening doesn’t bring out the noise (grain) that may be present in the image the way some other methods of sharpening do.  The High Pass Filter method sharpens mainly the edges in the image.

Inverted High Pass Retouching

  • This is a softening technique which uses a High Pass filter but then inverts it to soften edge detail.
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