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  • Adding a desaturated clouds layer above a scene will apply a dappled light effect, which can help liven up a scene, make it more natural and bring it all together. (Using Composite Photography to Create a Fantasy World by Karen Alsop).
  • Textures are best applied over a blurred background with the main subject sharp, and usually masked out of the texture. (2lilowls).
  • Textures are more versatile if they are applied in monochrome, as you can then change the colour in Photoshop.
  • Textures can be added to Ps Libraries, which makes them easy to find and use.

Overlays & Textures to Buy or Download

Adding Bokeh

Water Droplets

Using Photoshop to Create Textures

  • In the Filter Menu use Noise >
  • In the Filter Menu use Render > Fibres. Click Randomise to create a new random algorithm.
  • Creative Brushes can be used to create your own textures. Brushes have been seen used in this way include Kyle's Concept Brush - All Purpose. Kyle's Real Watercolour - Add Paper (Adobe's Watercolour Collection).
  • See CreativeLive, Adobe Photoshop Mastery: Colour & Tone by Ben Willmore, Bonus Content 1.05. 

Using Textures

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