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Phlearn Retouching

  • See Phlearn Retouching 101 Section 7.
  • Use blemish removal and dodge and burn to smooth out cracks or uneven colour at a pore level.
  • You can define the lips with the pen tool and clone the lip colour into this to define the shape precisely. Then inverse the selection and clone from the outside skin inwards to define this edge. Alter opacity to look natural.
  • Dodge and burn. Highlight the skin above the lips and the middle of the bottom lip. Darken creases between lips, and under the top and bottom lip. Alter opacity to look natural.
  • Emphasise lip colour by using the same selection to fill with red. Flip through blending modes to see which is best, mask and blur as needed and lower the opacity to look natural. ¬†

Teeth Retouching -----------------------------------------------

  • There is a difference between whitening and brightening. (Ref)
  • Use an vibrance adjustment layer, decrease vibrance but probably not to zero. Add a mask and only apply this to the teeth. If you reveal the gums they will look odd. This is a whitening method and is not ideal. (Ref)
  • Use a selective colour layer. Ensure Absolute is selected not relative. Remove yellow and tweak any other colours. Add a mask and reveal the teeth. Gums are normally not affected as they are not yellow. This is a good method. (Ref)
  • Use a hue/saturation/adjustment layer. Use the finger symbol and click on the teeth to select. Take hue all the way to the left and increase saturation to see which areas are affected. Move the top selection bar to make it narrow to affect just the teeth. Move the sliders back to zero. Decrease saturation and brightness. Mask the teeth. (Ref)