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Commercial Photography: From Start to Finish by Joel Grimes

Lesson 22 HDR Backgrounds

Joel uses Photoshop to combine images but changes the image to 32 bit and then edits in Camera RAW before converting to 16 bit. Nik also does 32 bit well but Photomatix doesn't. Clarity especially works better in 32 bit than 16 bit.

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Using Lightroom

  • Bring shadows to +100 and highlights to -100 produces a pseudo-HDR effect. Alter Whites up a bit and Blacks down a bit to produce some highlight and shadow clipping. Increase Clarity eg +30 to increase mid tone contrast. Vibrance +50. Ref. [Also Lightroom]

Software I Have

  • Photomatix Pro 5.14 - Current version is 6. The industry standard. Gareth Morris there’s a free version in this months practical photography - you can get it from this link the code PPMAG2018 it's not the latest version but just as good. Downloaded March 2018. It works as a plugin for Photoshop. Saved in Library > Downloads.

An introduction to HDR photography (***) - YouTube (1hr 33min)

  • 95% of his images are taken bracketing -2, 0, +2
  • Lightroom, Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw will produce merged HDR images.
  • Software NIK HDR Efex Pro, Photomatix (The industry standard)
  • Topaz produces pseudo HDR (HDR from a single image)
  • Vivacer to enhance image


Other Software & Techniques


  • Creating HDR Panoramas - 01,

Other Examples


Single Image HDR Processing

  • Photoshop > Adjustments > Image > HDR Toning
  • NIK Collection > Single Image

HDR Composites

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