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Phlearn Retouching Workflow

  • Lightroom for colour temperature, exposure, highlights and shadows, and basic adjustments. Then into Photoshop.
  • Liquify. Create a smart object on a duplicated image to sort out flyaway hairs, even out and add volume to hair, , slim or modify figure, adjust costume, and enlarge eyes if needed.
  • Blemish removal using the Spot Healing Brush on a new layer.
  • Skin. Dodge and burn to even out skin tone both zoomed in at a pore level and zoomed well out at a level to even out tones. Adjust Skin Colour if needed. Apply Skin Smoothing if needed.
  • Hair.
  • Eyes.
  • Lips and Mouth.
  • Colour Toning to add emotion to the image.
  • Dodge and Burn to contour the face and body.
  • Sharpening.
  • Lightroom for final emphasis with gradients and final adjustments.