• Clicking the three dots to the right of the colours opens the options, such as adding them to swatches, or use a selective screen grab and sample. Can’t use the colour picker directly from this, though may be able to do this from the online version.
    ---Ref, 01, 02 (gradient pack to download),

Adobe Colour CC

  • Adobe Colour CC is the online version of this tool, which is linked. You can view, create, download and uploaded colour palettes, and create your own from the colour wheel or by uploading a photograph.
  • Adobe Kuler was the original name for this but it is now called Adobe Colour CC and is part of as part of Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Colour themes are saved in your library online and you can download them as a .ase file, which can be opened in Photoshop and adds the colour theme to your Adobe Colour Themes Library and your your main Library folder.